The Columnist Felt Letter Board 16″ x 20″ Yellow

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The Columnist Felt Letter Board 16″ x 20″ Yellow

As the title suggests, the Columnist Yellow Felt Letter Board 16″X 20″ will give you enough space to “write” your message and decorate your personal, business, or even social media space.

Suggestions What To Use It For

  • List your daily-monthly-yearly goals and resolutions.
  • List your weekly agendas and action plans.
  • Write your favourite quotes, sayings, and statements made by world-famous people.
  • Make your special announcement – eg. you will give birth on a certain date, you received your school degree on a certain date, etc.
  • Are you spiritual or religious? Maybe a bible verse, or a spiritual quote can brighten up your day from start to end!
  • What about being a parent? You can teach your kids how to properly spell check, and not getting used to MS Word spell check at younger years.
  • Share your short recipes with friends and family when they come over for a visit.
  • Your roast of the day or what’s on the menu.
  • Send your messages just with your photos on your social media accounts.
  • Share the seating arrangements for your wedding
  • Are you a bakery-coffee shop owner? Well 16″ X 20″ Letter Board will be perfect for you to show your customers what’s the special of the day!
  • And many more! Your imagination is limitless.


  • Dimensions: 16″ x 20″
  • Weight: 3 kg (6.6 pounds)
  • Includes 350-piece set of 1” letters, symbols and emojis, that come in a cotton bag. Please note that you have to disassemble the letters, and for that we recommend using a cutting pliers (or regular sharp scissors) to speed up the process. Also you can use a regular nail-cutter to cut-off the little plastic chips that remain at the bottom of the letters after they are removed, to make them look smooth.
  • Yellow felt board, narrow light oak frame with hooks for wall mounting
  • Letter color: black

Important:  Please keep the letters out of the reach of young children

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8 reviews for The Columnist Felt Letter Board 16″ x 20″ Yellow

  1. Avatar

    Jessica Clark (verified owner)

    After obsessing over feltboard art on Instagram and being the trendy person I imagine myself to be, I had to purchase my own feltboard. I was not disappointed in this brand. The board is a great size, the slots to stick the letters in are pretty secure and everything feels well-made. The only annoying part about this was twisting off the letters from their plastic housing which I feel will take me hundreds of hours of Netflix to accomplish. Oh well, challenge accepted.

  2. Avatar

    PinaColada (verified owner)

    I love this product! High quality and is a good tool to write motivational quotes to keep me going. I would highly recommend this to everyone! Great product. Would buy extra 2″ letters to highlight certain words in my quotes!

  3. Avatar

    Kimberly (verified owner)

    I bought this as a birthday gift for my 6 years old daughter. She loves it so much. It took me some time to help her to cut off the letters. But it’s totally worth it. Spelling is always her weakness in learning English. These letters really motivate her to learn and understand English better. Very nice product!

  4. Avatar

    WineDiva (verified owner)

    This is a really stylish board made from quality materials. The letters can be put on the board very easily and they stay up there when you put them there. The yellow felt looks really bright and solid – I would recommend this product. No real downside with it

  5. Ira

    Ira (verified owner)

    I am a realtor and plan to use this little board to display welcome messages on kitchen counter. The board seems to be well made and there are plenty of letters to play with. I am very impressed with how well the letters stick to the board. Also really fast delivery. Highly recommend!

  6. Avatar

    Sarah Lee (verified owner)

    Great felt letter board. High quality felt and oak wood frame. Letters are beautiful and fit snug in felt. 340 letters that are included are more than enough. Cutting letters was not a big deal, actually my daughter and my son were fighting over who’s going to cut the letters because they said “it’s fun cutting these letters” (no need for special scissors – any will do). Excellent product, fair price. It exceeded my expectation

  7. Avatar

    Marie Fraser (verified owner)

    I love this bright yellow color with the very well contrasting black letters. The product is excellent with lot’s of uses. I personally use it in my office plugging in my weekly chores and agendas on the board. I feel more organized and motivated at doing what I have to do. Thanks again for the good service.

  8. Teresa

    Teresa (verified owner)

    This board right here has been absolute gold. The husband and I regularly host dinner parties at the house and change up the text of the board every time to something that suits our weird sense of humor and it’s always been a hit. Go get this thing you’ll have a lot of fun with it

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