The Columnist Felt Letter Board 16″ x 20″ White

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The Columnist Felt Letter Board 16″ x 20″ White

As the title suggest, the Columnist Black Felt Letter Board 16″X 20″ will give you enough space to “write” your message and decorate your personal, business, or even social media space.

Suggestions What To Use It For

  • List your daily-monthly-yearly goals and resolutions.
  • List your weekly agendas and action plans.
  • Write your favourite quotes, sayings, and statements made by world-famous people.
  • Make your special announcement – eg. you will give birth on a certain date, you received your school degree on a certain date, etc.
  • Are you spiritual or religious? Maybe a bible verse, or a spiritual quote can brighten up your day from start to end!
  • What about being a parent? You can teach your kids how to properly spell check, and not getting used to MS Word spell check at younger years.
  • Share your short recipes with friends and family when they come over for a visit.
  • Your roast of the day or what’s on the menu.
  • Send your messages just with your photos on your social media accounts.
  • Share the seating arrangements for your wedding
  • Are you a bakery-coffee shop owner? Well 16″ X 20″ Letter Board will be perfect for you to show your customers what’s the special of the day!
  • And many more! Your imagination is limitless.


  • Dimensions: 16″ x 20″
  • Weight: 3 kg (6.6 pounds)
  • Includes 350-piece set of 1” letters, symbols and emojis, that come in a cotton bag. Please note that you have to disassemble the letters, and for that we recommend using a cutting pliers (or regular sharp scissors) to speed up the process. Also you can use a regular nail-cutter to cut-off the little plastic chips that remain at the bottom of the letters after they are removed, to make them look smooth.
  • White felt board, narrow light oak frame with hooks for wall mounting
  • Letter color: Black

Important:  Please keep the letters out of the reach of young children

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21 reviews for The Columnist Felt Letter Board 16″ x 20″ White

  1. Avatar

    Victoria Hall (verified owner)

    Thank you for the great quality Letter Board! It’s really large giving me the freedom to “post” all sorts of messages and quotes on different topics. The plastic letters are of good quality as well, the packaging is good, and the shipping to Seattle was just a couple of days. I would confirm that using a nail cutter to cutoff the little plastic chips at the bottom of the letters works really well, and make them look very sleek.

  2. Avatar

    Michael Brown (verified owner)

    I’m a small coffee shop owner and this large letter board is a great addition to my shop’s wall decor. it’s great for using it as a menu board. I also bought the 2” letter set, so my customer’s can easily see what I have to offer. Apparently the company is in Vancouver, BC – same as me, so I got the letter board on the same day !! Thank you guys for the lighting-fast delivery and the great product.


  3. Megan_77

    Megan_77 (verified owner)

    Very good quality product! Very well packed with bubble wrap for the board. I had the little one helped me arranging the letters while I take them apart which was a lot of fun for her and quite educational too. I started using scissors to cut the letters off but realized that using fingers to twist and pull seems faster. Maybe I am just a barbarian lol.! I like the letters font too! Very classy! We are ready to do some spellings yay!!

  4. Andrea Jackson

    Andrea Jackson (verified owner)

    A lot of letters/numbers/symbols are provided, so I don’t need to worry about if I don’t have enough letters/numbers to spell the things I want to say. The idea of the letter board is great! Right now, it’s part of the decoration for my baby girl’s room. When she grows up, the letter board could be her toy. Good value product.

  5. Ann

    Ann (verified owner)

    This is a great tool for leaving inspirational messages for the whole family. It is simple but classic, which could be used as a decorating board. There are a lots of letters and symbols. The only thing I am wondering is that if it could be more colorful, it would be better for kids – like different letter colors, or different fonts…just suggesting.

  6. Avatar

    Alice (verified owner)

    We got this board as a message board for my brother’s baby shower. It is large and with plenty of space for a message board. The quality is pretty good. It is sturdy. It came with so many letters and numbers that you never run out. After the event, this board became my kids learning board. Kids loves to play with different letters and organize them on the board.

  7. Jean Robertson

    Jean Robertson (verified owner)

    I’m happy with my purchase. Product is of high quality, of good price, and I received excellent service. Got a UPS tracking number on the next day, and it came to Kalamazoo, MI in 5 business days.

  8. Avatar

    Doris King (verified owner)

    I place it on my night stand, and it looks so elegant and great.
    1) don’t need to worry about the limitations as there are 15+ for each letters.
    2) clear, and tidy.
    3)You can either let it stand or hook it on wall

  9. Avatar

    Jacqueline B (verified owner)

    It’s a fabric board with slots to hold the plastic letters. More than enough characters to compose your line. The character is not so big, so be aware that little kids can put them in their mouth. It’s a nice item for a house deco and memo board. In terms of product quality and service – everything was perfect, so I recommend this store.

  10. Avatar

    Lauren_remax (verified owner)

    I looooooooove this big white board. I use it in pictures of my LO, all occasions. It also works great for birthday parties. The little letters are tucked into gaps of the board, tightly and firmly. Excellent quality.
    A possible improvement in my eyes is adding sections to the storage bag, so that it would be easier to find correct ones when they are all mixed up.

  11. Cheryl

    Cheryl (verified owner)

    Nice idea. It is easy to put letters on the board. The wood feels nicely polished and I believe this can be used for quite a long time. I bought this for my friend’s new house, and he found it very cute! Now it’s hanging in his living room in addition to the rest of his home decor.


  12. Avatar

    Natalia (verified owner)

    Great product, great service period!

    LetterBoard 1
    letter board 3

  13. Avatar

    Mademoiselle (verified owner)

    The letter board is quality-made with such a pretty white felt! the wood is just lovely. This is a great gift product, especially to friends or family of yours that have kids.

  14. Avatar

    Barbara_canuck (verified owner)

    ❤️❤️❤️?? ?? ?? Yep my emojis say it all !! Very simple yet very sleek looking letter board that will give you lots of fun times with your family. Cust service was awesome -thanks guys?

  15. Susan Rogers

    Susan Rogers (verified owner)

    Originally I planned to get this letter board for photo shooting and social media posting, but yesterday I also felt like it can be a cool educational tool for my kid to learn words. My kid can pin/change the letters on the black board easily and it’s less messy than the traditional chalk black board. We all like playing words game with it now.

  16. Avatar

    Divya (verified owner)

    Wonderful letter board that is simple and does its job. The wood is nice and smooth, the letters pop in and out easily and the carrying bag for the letters is nice. This does NOT have a stand for it to stand up on its own; however, the wood edge is wide enough that you can stand it up but I would recommend placing something behind it because it can easily fall over with the slightest nudge.

  17. Avatar

    Steve (verified owner)

    That board is a great motivator! I have put up goals that I need to accomplish, and placed the board on my entertainment center, so every time I watch TV, I see it and I remind myself what’s to be done 🙂

  18. JennyR

    JennyR (verified owner)

    I saw this same board on another webstore first. Then through Instagram I found this website that seemed to offer good prices with shipping already included in the price. Letters are so neatly displayed. So I got one from here for my restaurant to post daily promotion items. 350 letters & numbers are more than enough. When my 2.9 years old son first saw it, he thought it’s his new toy for learning ABC & 123, Lol…

  19. Jessica

    Jessica (verified owner)

    Take sign making, photo ops and home decoration to a whole new level. Perfect for events such as birthdays, weddings, photography sessions, partie, etc. The board looks sturdy and solid and it doesn’t give you the vibe of cheap.

  20. Avatar

    Karen.toronto (verified owner)

    Thank you guys – I got my letter board fast! All is good, and the felt in a combination with the oak frame, looks really elegant, and you guys certainly offer a good price in comparison to some other places that I checked. Big 5 stars from me just like what everybody else has done so far.

  21. Avatar

    Aarushi (verified owner)

    I am a satisfied customer! So I ordered it on Jan 2nd Tuesday, and it came on Friday Jan 5th. I live in Edmonton, AB. I received everything that is described on the website including the promise of a high-quality product. The whole family likes it, and we take turns to write in our own messages. It’s a lot of fun really. Thank you

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