The Columnist Felt Letter Board 16″ x 20″ Black

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The Columnist Felt Letter Board 16″ x 20″ Black

As the title suggest, the Columnist Black Felt Letter Board 16″X 20″ will give you enough space to “write” your message and decorate your personal, business, or even social media space.

Suggestions What To Use It For

  • List your daily-monthly-yearly goals and resolutions.
  • List your weekly agendas and action plans.
  • Write your favourite quotes, sayings, and statements made by world-famous people.
  • Make your special announcement – eg. you will give birth on a certain date, you received your school degree on a certain date, etc.
  • Are you spiritual or religious? Maybe a bible verse, or a spiritual quote can brighten up your day from start to end!
  • What about being a parent? You can teach your kids how to properly spell check, and not getting used to MS Word spell check at younger years.
  • Share your short recipes with friends and family when they come over for a visit.
  • Your roast of the day or what’s on the menu.
  • Send your messages just with your photos on your social media accounts.
  • Share the seating arrangements for your wedding
  • Are you a bakery-coffee shop owner? Well 16″ X 20″ Letter Board will be perfect for you to show your customers what’s the special of the day!
  • And many more! Your imagination is limitless.


  • Dimensions: 16″ x 20″
  • Weight: 3 kg (6.6 pounds)
  • Includes 350-piece set of 1” letters, symbols and emojis, that come in a cotton bag.  Please note that you have to disassemble the letters, and for that we recommend using a cutting pliers (or regular sharp scissors) to speed up the process. Also you can use a regular nail-cutter to cut-off the little plastic chips that remain at the bottom of the letters after they are removed, to make them look smooth.
  • Black felt board, narrow light oak frame with hooks for wall mounting
  • Letter color: white

Important:  Please keep the letters out of the reach of young children

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12 reviews for The Columnist Felt Letter Board 16″ x 20″ Black

  1. Avatar

    Carol (verified owner)

    Order arrived on time. The message board is in good shape. All the letters were in the package so I got what I paid for. Also appreciate the $10 coupon that I got off instagram, and the follow-up email saying that I can get 15% off my next purchase if send them a few pictures of myself (or my kids) with the letter board so they can use it for their social media! I will certainly take advantage of this offer. Thank you folks

  2. Avatar

    Donna (verified owner)

    the package came on time…it contained everything that it should…everything was in one piece like no broken parts, loose frame or anithing like that…so I can gladly give 5 stars

  3. Avatar

    Sandra Hernandez (verified owner)

    fast shipping,good learning toys for kids.also a
    good gift for my nephew,he takes a lot of time to play with this changeable black board,will not make home a big mess,thank you!

  4. Helen86

    Helen86 (verified owner)

    I bought this Letter Board for my two little kids and use it to teach them words. It is attractive to them to spell sentences and words by sticking the little letter on the board. I am so surprised that they put the letters together in such a creative way. It is totally reusable. So we can just remove the letters and start a new game again.

  5. Avatar

    Karen A (verified owner)

    I love this changeable felt board. I use it mainly to remind myself of my goals and live objectives. It is right above my head on my wall. Plenty of letters and numbers included.

  6. Avatar

    Nancy Martinez (verified owner)

    ? Awesome home decor product! With this oak and that size it looks like a regular picture frame but with your personalized message in it. It may take time to cut the letters as well to write longer sentences, but I find that like a hobby – pretty much the same as if I’m putting a puzzle together – I really love doing it ?

  7. Avatar

    Dorothy (verified owner)

    I love this felt letter board! It is well made, gorgeous and goes well with everything! It comes with a large variety of letters and they fit onto the board snugly. So happy with my purchase so 5 stars from me as well.

  8. Avatar

    Kathryn.d (verified owner)

    I had a good shopping experience. My black letter board came fast, it arrived in good shape, and nothing’s missing. 5 stars from me.

  9. Olivia Graham

    Olivia Graham (verified owner)

    5 stars service! The letter board is as described – no felt tears, broken or missing letters, or smashed packaging. Shipping was fast as well.

  10. GloriaW

    GloriaW (verified owner)

    I was stuck between choosing between a felt board and a light up board and I’m glad I went with a felt board. It saves energy and still stands out. The 16 x 20 has a very good size and I’m very pleased with the amount of letters, number and symbols that it came with. Have to dedicate some time to removing them all from the packaging and transferring them to the little baggy provided. The product came in right for Christmas so I’m very very happy it arrived on time!

  11. Avatar

    Iron Lady (verified owner)

    Came in just before Christmas lol:) I got one for my kids and one for my nephews as a Christmas present – we all had so much fun both adults and kids. It’s really like a game – we dump all the letters on the carpet and start to put words and phrases together searching for the right letters, symbols, emojis whatever. I patiently wait to see if my kids can spell the words correctly and give them points for each correct word. Then whoever wins 10 out of 10 first, gets a chocolate bar yayyy! Anyways that’s my story.

  12. Avatar

    Ruth (verified owner)

    I love this letter board so much! I use it as a name list regarding who’s cleaning the house. It’s pretty funny to do it this way and my roommates seems to do more cleaning than before.

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