BUNDLE! The Columnist Felt Letter Board 16″ x 20″ Grey

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PRODUCT DEMO @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmMPAPERL8c&feature=youtu.be

BUNDLE! Felt Letter Board Grey 16 X 20 With 346-Piece Set of 1″ Letters and Symbols, 36 Slot Organizer, Cutters, and 2 Letter Pouches

The Columnist Felt Letter Board 16″ x 20″ Grey

As the title suggest, the Columnist Grey Felt Letter Board 16″X 20″ will give you enough space to “write” your message and decorate your personal, business, or even social media space.

Suggestions What To Use It For

List your daily-monthly-yearly goals and resolutions.
List your weekly agendas and action plans.
Write your favourite quotes, sayings, and statements made by world-famous people.
Make your special announcement – eg. you will give birth on a certain date, you received your school degree on a certain date, etc.
Are you spiritual or religious? Maybe a bible verse, or a spiritual quote can brighten up your day from start to end!
What about being a parent? You can teach your kids how to properly spell check, and not getting used to MS Word spell check at younger years.
Share your short recipes with friends and family when they come over for a visit.
Your roast of the day or what’s on the menu.
Send your messages just with your photos on your social media accounts.
Share the seating arrangements for your wedding
Are you a bakery-coffee shop owner? Well 16″ X 20″ Letter Board will be perfect for you to show your customers what’s the special of the day!
And many more! Your imagination is limitless.


Dimensions: 16″ x 20″

Weight: 3 kg (6.6 pounds)

Includes 346-piece set of 1” letters and symbols, 36 slot set organizer, metal cutters, and 2 letter pouches . Please note that you have to disassemble the letters. Also you can use a regular nail-cutter to cut-off the little plastic pegs that remain at the bottom of the letters after they are removed, to make them look smooth.

Grey felt board, narrow light oak frame with saw-tooth hanger for wall mounting

Letter color: White

Important: Please keep the letters out of the reach of young children

Product Demo Video Of The Columnist Felt Letter Board 16" x 20" Grey BUNDLE!

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